Nelson Medicine now available at the Clinic.

There are many key philosophies behind Nelson Medicine.  The first is responsibility.  The patient is encouraged to accept responsibility for their body and any disease or discomfort.  The disease might have been caused by someone else or some outside imposition, but healing can only take place inside the body.  Obsessing on someone else or blaming someone else is unproductive and sometimes damaging.  Separation from a cause of disease is the responsibility of the diseased patient.  If there is a cause of disease in your environment you can choose to change or reduce the cause, move to a new environment or accept the conditions.  Responsibility for healing is with the patient.

Many of the causes of disease that approach us are beneath our conscious awareness.  Our unconscious is much more aware of the disease causing factors that come at us.  Our unconscious reacts with subtle energetic changes in electrical bodies.  The biofeedback device is the first energetic medicine device to test reactions where the patient and doctor both do not know what is being tested.  Thus, the unconscious of the patient causes the reactions.  The reactions are not picked by the computer but are picked by the unconscious of the patient.  So we have a device that can make us aware of the unconscious.  Some patients are more aware of their unconscious.  These patients are likely to feel the biofeedback device and recognise the reaction patterns more easily.  Others will take more time, but after several visits they will become more aware of their unconscious and feel the effects more.

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