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In this world of mounting artificiality and unhealthy lifestyle, diseases are on the rise. Today, people take medicines only to treat the symptoms of their respective disorders, but the root cause of the problem remains untreated leading to its recurrence in the future. Here, various natural therapies and medicines are gaining significance since they promote the self-healing process in our body to restore and sustain wellness for good. In keeping with the growing awareness in the general public, Healthmeds offers a wide array of natural supplements Brisbane for many different ailments. Healthmeds is owned and managed by Aspley Acupuncture which was established way back in 1980. For the last 3 decades, we’ve been helping individuals rid themselves of their diseases through several age-old natural therapies like acupuncture, reflexology, chiropractic, massage and psychology. Moreover, we’ve established ourselves as the complete supplier of natural supplements in Brisbane and other parts of Australia. These products are categorised according to the disorder they treat on our website. We stock supplements of many well-known brands, including Metagenics, PharmaFoods, ChinaMed, BioCeuticals, MD Nutritionals, Ethical Nutrients, Innovative Therapies, Blackmores, ThyroSynergy and many more. All these brands have been recognised for their groundbreaking products that make people healthier in a natural way. So, order them from our website or call (07) 3863 2661 for appointment with one of our therapists at our clinic in Brisbane!
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