Our behaviour in any given moment is our natural response.  When we try to force change (by telling someone what to do and how to do it), it can only be temporary as at some point we will revert back to what feels natural.  With Metamorphosis, we do not tell people what to do or not do, do not advise what is the right way for you.   Metamorphosis allows changes to occur naturally from within you so that the changes you experience are natural and unforced; sometimes unnoticed until in hindsight you notice you are different.   Sometimes the changes are noticeable straight away (pain relief etc).   With Metamorphosis, the changes are simple and effective, fast and everlasting – with no reverting back.  e.g. if you had an addictive behaviour before doing Metamorphosis, you may find that the cravings you had (smoking, alcohol, food etc) just naturally disappear.  The changes are always positive, bringing you more and more into wholeness, releasing the blocks that keep you in separation.

It is time now for everyone to come back to wholeness; this is the answer to the challenges we’ve all been experiencing.   We’re making huge shifts in consciousness – moving away from separation and into unity; within and without.


What is Metamorphosis?

‘Robert St. John (the founder of Metamorphosis: 1914 – 1996) realised that most therapies focused on the treating of symptoms (mental, physical, emotional) – while the symptoms often went away after treatment, they usually returned eventually or new symptoms arose, this was because the underlying stress pattern causing the symptom was not addressed. He also noticed that because the underlying stress patterns of humanity have never been addressed we have always had war, conflict , illness etc. We can address all these problems by tuning into consciousness.’ (from

Underlying stress patterns usually sit in our unconscious and are usually unknown or we find it hard to change because the pattern is a habit or what we’ve always done, and we don’t know any different; Metamorphosis enables us to clear patterns that are keeping us limited, misaligned and out of balance with our source (called many names:  Soul, Spirit, Higher Self) and with life.

It’s our unconscious thoughts/patterns that cause our life to not turn out the way we planned/envisioned.  A great metaphor for unconscious thoughts: e.g. when you mix ingredients for a cake (conscious thoughts), unknown to us are the ingredients falling out of our sleeve into the mixture (unconscious thoughts), which changes the outcome of the cake and so it does not turn out how we thought it would, or what we had originally intended, but we don’t know why it’s different it just is.


Why Choose Metamorphosis?

 Metamorphosis is for anyone experiencing:

– difficult and overwhelming challenges; finding it hard to cope. ‘why is this happening to me?’

– fears, doubts, phobias, grief

– life changes; career (not sure what to choose, redundancy, retirement); home (empty nest, sudden moves), family & relationships (unplanned pregnancies, breakups,  divorce, illness, death)

– physical pain/illness/disease/severe morning sickness – nothing seems to work, have tried everything

– diagnosis ‘mental illness’ – depression, suicidal tendencies, bipolar

– some form of stress disorder e.g. ‘OTSD’, ‘PTSD’

– feeling stuck

– not sure which way to turn


‘We do not do Metamorphosis to fix our problems; we use it as a means to help us deal creatively with them so that we can function better in every aspect of our lives.  With Metamorphosis you don’t have to be afraid of the madness in your head or the force of your emotions or the hopelessness of your situation. You don’t need to look for ways of coping or calming. Metamorphosis enables you to accept yourself in the moment with all your issues and empowers you to go into creative action.’ (from

The theme of Metamorphosis is that everyone is his or her own healer and the healing/transformation comes from the inside, out.  The aim of a session is not to heal as such, but to facilitate change.  Metamorphosis addresses our unconscious patterns of stress that create our mental, emotional, physical and behaviour disturbances/ailments.  As these patterns let go, we naturally feel a greater sense of health, well-being and freedom.

With Metamorphosis the focus is to connect us to our source and is transformation in the purest form; releasing blockages and limiting beliefs/patterns so that we progress with each ‘undoing’ to a point of balance, strength, wholeness.


Take Responsibility

‘Robert said that one of the most important aspects of Metamorphosis and one that’s often unpopular is the attitude of taking responsibility for one’s own life, he said that there’s an attitude out there that it’s a terrible world and that I’m just a helpless victim who can’t do anything about it, but ultimately that’s not true – you are responsible for where you are now and even if bad things have happened in the past, you have the power within especially with Metamorphosis to do something about it. He also said not to blame other people for your problems, change yourself and other people/things will change in response to that.’ (from


What to expect?

The practice of Metamorphosis is non-verbal – you do not need to tell me your problems/current or past challenges.  During a session, I will connect with your Source for direction to help you.

As Metamorphosis is about change, the way I now work with Metamorphosis (2016) is different to how I started working with it in 2005 – which was also Robert St John’s vision of the future of Metamorphosis – he predicted that the practice of Metamorphosis would continue to grow and change.

We are all unique, and your experiences/responses will be your own – I can’t tell you what you will feel or experience during/after a session – though in about 99.9% of all instances, people always feel lighter and happier…the previous dark place/heaviness/irritation/anger/grief/pain/etc just disappears – for some immediately, for some over time.  Some feel a bit light-headed or dizzy and this is because their vibration has lifted (just like when we go into a different altitude) and it only takes a little while to adjust.

One doesn’t have to re-experience an event in order for it to be released.  Once a block/pattern has been released, the changes are permanent.   Some of the changes I’ve seen in people over the years:

– release of back pain after 38yrs (improved sleep as well); change in Bipolar moods (ups and downs) to a more balanced, confident way of being; reduction in hand shakes caused by over-medication over 30 yrs ago; a person struggling to get a house to rent for months, the next day an offer came through; depressed/suicidal over time came to be self-reliant and able to cope – in both adults and teenagers; better relations; changed responses to situations – easier, not so stressed; intense grief lifted and able to live life more comfortably and at ease; Hyperemesis Gravidarum (severe nausea & vomiting during pregnancy) cleared in one session; released past life trauma/cell memory; released gestational issues picked from mother and/or father and the experiences they were going through (fear, doubt, inability to work with new ideas or complete projects); and so many more.

Metamorphosis is tuning in/listening to your Source and trusts this innate intelligence of the individual to bring order to the disorder in their lives.

Some people come for one or a few treatments or months, something changes and they decide they are done for now.  Some come back every now and then – the key is to trust your intuition to guide you for when you need it.  Others choose to learn it and use it as a way of addressing their own disturbances as needed or desired.  Trust your own intuition to guide you.



I find Metamorphosis sessions to be a gentle and effective way of supporting healing and change in my life.  The treatment is non-invasive and non-directive, supporting me in whatever way I most need and am ready for in my health and life.  Sonia is a very gentle practitioner, with warmth, sensitivity, and encouragement.  I would recommend Metamorphosis to anyone seeking support in their own journey of healing and growth. (Written by Karen, aged 38, 6.12.09)

Thank you Sonia for helping prepare me for my trip to Germany and all of my experiences there. (VD, 25.2.14)

Sonia Bailey, using the Metamorphosis Method, produces amazing results!  I have been to her several times when some old traumas and experiences, ‘trapped’ inside my body, caused negative feelings, anxiety and fear. I knew these were from the past. Sonia was able to extract these dark energies, to transform and balance my system. I was conscious of Unconditional Love.  It is Sonia’s gift to the world. I strongly recommend Sonia and the Metamorphosis transformational work she does. (Valerie, Musician and Intuitive Healer, July 2014)


Lynn Hastwell (WA) was my Metamorphosis teacher, who was taught directly by Robert St John.  For more information on Metamorphosis and Robert St John (founder):

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